Making Your House A Home

Three Ways You Can Optimize Your Trade Show Booth

If you're like many modern entrepreneurs, you're highly aware of the value of trade shows. However, like many others in your position, you may also be feeling as if you're missing something when it comes to optimizing your trade show booth. Maybe it just seems to get passed by more than you think it should, or maybe you fall short of your contacts goal at almost every show. Whatever the issue, it probably has to do with your booth simply not getting noticed as much as it should. Read More 

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Making Your House A Home

You might like your house, but do you really feel at home? Although it might be easy to assume that you can just put up a few pictures and buy a nicer sofa, the real trick to interior decorating is knowing how to use what you already have. For example, how are you going to incorporate that lovely set of old books? How could you use that antique weather vane? I want you to make your home a unique, beautiful space, which is why I started this interior design blog. Read on to learn tips and tricks that will help you to make your space really special.