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Six Ideas For How You Can Optimize The Space Inside Your Townhouse

Townhouses can sometimes present design challenges because they lack spaciousness. Those who offer townhouse interior design services need to know how to optimize space to create the perfect interior design for a residence that's on the smaller side.

Fortunately, there are numerous things that can be done to make a townhouse feel more spacious. The following are six ideas for how space inside your townhouse can be optimized.

Floating shelves in your bathrooms

Living with a small bathroom can be especially frustrating. You need to make sure you make the most of the limited space in your bathroom for the sake of convenient functionality. 

One great thing to do to make your bathroom more functional is work storage space into your bathroom that doesn't take up space you need to use bathroom fixtures. Placing a row of floating shelves up your wall is a good way to do this. 

Colors that help organize space

Delineating space with color schemes that are unique to particular interiors within your home is a good way to break up the space logically and promote a feeling of organization in a small townhouse. 

Full size furniture pieces that multitask

A lot of people think that small furniture pieces are best for a smaller home. However, this is not always the case. Small furniture pieces can actually make a home feel cramped in some cases.

It's best to purchase full-size furniture pieces that multitask by offering storage space in addition to serving some other purpose. 

Frequent purges of possessions

If you're living in a small space, it's important not to hold on to furniture and decor accessories unnecessarily. Whenever you buy a new piece of furniture or decor item for your home, you need to think about what you can get rid of in exchange so that your home doesn't become cluttered. 

Placement of mirrors

Mirrors are good tools for giving a more spacious feeling to interiors. You can place mirrors in rooms like your bedrooms and living room. You can also place them in your entryway if that area feels particularly cramped.

Large windows

Windows providing a good view are another great way to give the space within a townhouse a more open feel.

It's a good idea to keep any windows you have uncovered to show the view outside when possible, so you can see all that open space outside. You want to have large windows that make it so that your window-to-wall ratio is high for the best possible effect. 

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