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Three Ways You Can Optimize Your Trade Show Booth

If you're like many modern entrepreneurs, you're highly aware of the value of trade shows. However, like many others in your position, you may also be feeling as if you're missing something when it comes to optimizing your trade show booth. Maybe it just seems to get passed by more than you think it should, or maybe you fall short of your contacts goal at almost every show. Whatever the issue, it probably has to do with your booth simply not getting noticed as much as it should. To turn this around, it's important to utilize tried-and-true strategies that have brought others a great deal of success. Following are three ways you can generate more interest in your booth and hopefully boost your ROI. 

Hire a Designer to Make a Difference

You've probably noticed that at typical trade shows, the booths all tend to visually blend together after 10 minutes or so. Many trade booth designs are simply thrown together at the last minute by office staff or others, which usually accounts for the fact that they all end up looking alike. The services of a skilled and creative trade show booth designer can go a long way toward getting your booth to stand out in a good way. 

Create Your Own Crowd 

Human beings are simply hard wired to follow the crowd. Trade show booths that are empty generally don't generate much interest among those passing by — subconsciously, they think that there must not be anything in the booth worth seeing since no one is there. Create your own crowd by arranging in advance for a few employees, friends, and family members to stop by your booth during various times of the day. Be careful about creating too big of a crowd at any given time —  be sure to stagger the times because too many people in a booth also acts as a deterrent for many trade show attendees. 

Get Creative With Swag

Face it, few people need or want yet another promotional pen, T-shirt, coffee mug, keychain, or calendar — and many people even go out of their way to avoid having someone try to give it to them. Getting creative with swag generates more interest, so think outside the box and try to give them something useful. If you're in the culinary supply business, for instance, consider handing out a small cooking utensil, or if you run a garden tool company, give out free tomato or petunia seedlings. 

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