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Advantages Of Selecting A Quartz Countertop

When you are considering a countertop for a new or remodeled kitchen, one of the major decisions you will need to make is selecting the right countertop for your needs. Quartz is an excellent option and has several advantages over other materials.


Quartz is considered to be a more expensive material, but less so than granite. The heavy slabs of quartz allow them to withstand decades of use without cracking or showing other signs of wear. A minor limitation in durability is the heat resistance of quartz. Some materials can handle the direct heat associated with hot cookware, but quartz cannot. The amount of heat resistance is contingent upon the exact resins used to bind quartz, which varies by manufacturer. To eliminate any risk of heat damage, do not place hot items directly on the countertop. Theoretically, you can cut ingredients directly on a quartz countertop without damaging the material, but it's not ideal.

Non-Porous Surface

Choosing a non-porous material is ideal in the kitchen and quartz fits this characteristic. Quartz maintains this non-porous characteristic without sealing, unlike granite. Having a non-porous countertop is important to reduce the chance of bacterial growth and staining. Regular cleaning of the surface is important to prevent bacteria growth, especially if you have raw meat on your countertop. However, with a porous surface, no amount of cleaning and sanitizing will prevent bacteria growth because microbes are capable of penetrating the surface of the material. This makes quartz a much safer material. Similarly, the non-porous characteristic helps repel stains that might occur from spilling items on the countertop.


There are several aspects of quartz that can be customized, which can result in a unique countertop that complements any kitchen. Color options for quartz range from lighter colors like white and cream, to black, and almost any color in between. Since quartz is ground into a powder and mixed with resin to create slabs, manufacturers can include special products in the mix to make the result more unique. For example, glass or metallic pieces can be added to the mix so the result has unique visual features instead of being a single, flat color. Quartz can be made to mimic other materials, such as granite. If you like the look of granite without the price tag, consider custom quartz. Lastly, there are different finishes that can be applied to add another layer of customization. People might choose either a glossy or matte finish.

Quartz has many advantages over other countertop materials, making it ideal for the kitchen environment. The combination of durability and customization options means quartz can work well for any kitchen.

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