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Precious Paper: The Art Of Custom Framing And Preserving Family Memories

When you think about having something custom framed, you naturally think about photos or wall art. However, custom framing is a great way to keep other items protected, and it also allows you to display paper items without worrying about them becoming damaged. Custom framing is a fun way to preserve treasured family items, such as recipes, children's school drawings, or letters from loved ones.


The technology explosion has made handwritten recipes a thing of the past, so consider yourself lucky if you happen to possess a tin box or notebook full of various handwritten recipes. You will likely recognize who the recipe is from by the person's handwriting. Preserving handwritten recipes is like preserving a rare and beautiful family treasure.

Choose recipes that are written on one side of the recipe card or paper. If the card contains a front and back, you should consider scanning and printing the recipe, so the entire recipe is viewable when displayed in the frame. You may also wish to create a recipe collage of favorite recipes in a large frame to decorate your kitchen or give as gifts.

Children's art

Paintings and drawings make wonderful gifts for grandparents and other loved ones. Having a few of your child's favorite art pieces custom framed is a practical way to preserve them for the future. Personal art pieces make great décor for playrooms, bedrooms, and family rooms.

Create a focal wall by custom framing one piece of artwork from each of your child's school years. This is a fun way to spark memories of precious days gone by and let your child know how much their artwork means to you.


Like handwritten recipes, handwritten letters are a rare and lovely treasure to cherish forever. However, tucked away in a box or drawer, they are often forgotten. Keep your memories alive by choosing a few handwritten letters to display in an antique custom frame on a wall or dresser. 

Framed love letters from a significant other are the perfect romantic addition to a bedroom. A framed letter is a wonderful and sentimental gift for those who have lost loved ones and want to preserve memories. A framed letter from a young child to a parent will delight any mom or dad for special holidays or a birthday.

Custom framing recipes, children's school art, and letters is an exciting way to preserve and display paper treasures. Custom framed pieces also make great gifts for family members and friends. There is really no limit to the items you can find to frame, and custom framing allows you to choose any size frame to fit your treasured possessions.

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