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Energizing Eclectic: Fun And Fabulous Ways To Decorate Eclectic Style In Interior Design

If you enjoy carefree decorating, eclectic style is sure to please. With its energizing, anything-goes look, eclectic decorating gives you the freedom to have it your way. However, eclectic decorating can get a little chaotic and knowing how to achieve balance in a room will keep things under control. 

Eclectic kitchen

Kitchens are full of possibilities for decorating in the eclectic style. Consider choosing a bold backsplash in a large-scale geometric design in red, gold, and white to grab attention. Paint an island bar in a deep, spicy red to compliment the red in the backsplash.

Paint kitchen cupboards a light to medium gray to keep the room from being too busy. See-through cabinets will give you plenty of options for displaying colorful dishes. Use pendant lights in a variety of shapes to illuminate the energy in the room.

Eclectic living room

Welcome eclectic style into the living room by choosing a sofa or sectional in a bright and fresh coral. Add plenty of accent pillows to the sofa in navy blue. Mix and match solids with floral or stripe patterns to achieve a delightful contrast.

Choose drapes or window shades in a blue and white printed fabric to complement the accent pillows. Stick to a subtle wall color, such as soft gray or beige to keep the room energized but soothing. Accent walls with colorful paintings to contrast with the subtle wall color.

Eclectic bathroom

Step into the bathroom and feel the energy when you install colorful ceramic tile on the floor. Look for big and bold designs that command attention. Paint walls white or beige and choose a window or shower curtain in a striped, floral, or geometric print that contains at least one color from the tile.

For a kid's bathroom, choose a jungle print wallpaper that contains multiple colors. Paint the vanity a deep navy color. Choose tile in a solid color, such as deep yellow or red.  

Eclectic bedroom

Banish boredom in the bedroom by choosing a velvety carpet in deep purple. Choose a floral print wallpaper in purple and white for the bottom half of the walls. Top with wide molding and paint the upper half of walls taupe.

Use a white bedspread to bring a sense of calm into the room. Choose dressers in a deep gray color. Teal lamps will add an enticing pop of color to the bedroom.

Interior design is easy and carefree when you go with eclectic style. You don't have to worry about everything matching, and you can fill your home with the colors and elements you love most. From the kitchen to the bedroom, your home will exude an inviting and energizing appeal when decorated eclectic style. To learn more, speak with an interior designer

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