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When Your Teen Wants To Really Decorate Their Bedroom

Your teenager may want to go crazy when it comes to decorating their bedroom. While this is okay to a point, there are some things you want to understand, so you don't run into major issues when you go to get the room back to a regular bedroom in the future. Here are some things you should know about the flooring, the windows, the paint, and other areas.

Painting their walls

Your teen may want to go crazy with their walls. You may have seen a movie or two on TV and cringed with the way a teenager had spray-painted the walls. This is because you know that you won't be able to paint a light color over those dark colors and have it cover completely. However, if your teen does end up putting dark paint or markers on the wall, you can use a product called "Killz" to prime the wall and cover the dark colors. Then, your lighter colored paint will go on as normal. However, you may need to do two or more coats of the Killz, depending on how dark they had gone. If you are willing to do this, then go ahead and let your teen have fun and assert their independence on their walls.

Changing their flooring

Your teenager may not want carpet in their bedroom. However, you need to know what's under the carpeting before you give the go-ahead for them to rip it up and go crazy. If there is concrete under the carpet, there are some neat things that can be done, such as painting and applying polyurethane over the concrete or even pasting paper bags strategically to the floor and then sealing it properly. There may be natural hardwood right under that carpet and padding that just needs a good buffing to look like a gorgeous floor.

Painting their windows

If for some reason your teen wants to paint their windows, you should get them the proper paint that you will be able to remove from the windows when the time comes. Don't let them write on the windows with any kind of permanent markers, as these will be hard to remove from the glass. The paint that is generally used to paint on windows is called tempera paint, or more commonly 'poster paint.' This paint is easy to get off of the windows with a good washing, so you won't have anything to worry about with regards to the long term.

Hanging up picture frames

Hanging up pictures in frames may not seem like a big deal, but it all depends on how heavy those frames are. If your teen wants to hang some heavy picture frames in their room, then you want to make sure you show them how to string wire across the back of the frame properly, so they can use a couple of small nails in the walls to hang them, instead of putting very large holes in the walls that will need to be repaired and painted over once the pictures come down. 

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