Making Your House A Home

Precious Paper: The Art Of Custom Framing And Preserving Family Memories

When you think about having something custom framed, you naturally think about photos or wall art. However, custom framing is a great way to keep other items protected, and it also allows you to display paper items without worrying about them becoming damaged. Custom framing is a fun way to preserve treasured family items, such as recipes, children's school drawings, or letters from loved ones. Recipes The technology explosion has made handwritten recipes a thing of the past, so consider yourself lucky if you happen to possess a tin box or notebook full of various handwritten recipes. Read More 

Learn About The Benefits Of Kitchen Remodeling

If you aren't happy with some of the things in your kitchen, then you should think about having it remodeled. When you decide to remodel your kitchen, you can turn your kitchen into a room that you want to spend much more time in. In order for you to have a better understanding of the ways a remodel can help you to like your kitchen more, consider some of these changes and updates that you can make:  Read More 

How To Use Home Accessories The Right Way

If you are currently trying to decorate your home, whether it is a new space or you are sprucing up an old one, you may be thinking about adding some home accessories and decor items to your space. However, when many people use home accessories in their spaces, they do so without regard to how everything will work together in the space and the overall design aesthetic. If you want to use home accessories the right way in your home, get to know some of the ways that you can go about doing so. Read More 

Energizing Eclectic: Fun And Fabulous Ways To Decorate Eclectic Style In Interior Design

If you enjoy carefree decorating, eclectic style is sure to please. With its energizing, anything-goes look, eclectic decorating gives you the freedom to have it your way. However, eclectic decorating can get a little chaotic and knowing how to achieve balance in a room will keep things under control.  Eclectic kitchen Kitchens are full of possibilities for decorating in the eclectic style. Consider choosing a bold backsplash in a large-scale geometric design in red, gold, and white to grab attention. Read More 

Six Ideas For How You Can Optimize The Space Inside Your Townhouse

Townhouses can sometimes present design challenges because they lack spaciousness. Those who offer townhouse interior design services need to know how to optimize space to create the perfect interior design for a residence that's on the smaller side. Fortunately, there are numerous things that can be done to make a townhouse feel more spacious. The following are six ideas for how space inside your townhouse can be optimized. Floating shelves in your bathrooms Read More 

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Making Your House A Home

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